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Cognitive Hygiene and the Fountains of Human Ignorance
    An in-depth look at the ways our own minds can mislead us. Why critical thinking
    alone won’t clean up the messes we make in our heads: we can’t just ignore how
    our brains work, and we really aren’t built to be rational. Thoughts and emotions
    have to work together. 545 pages. (Revised 3-11-20) 387-page PDF Version

Carrying Capacity - Our Wickedest Problem
    Carrying capacity is the Earth’s ability to support the aggregate effects of the human
    population indefinitely. It’s simple-minded to ask “How many people can live on
    planet Earth?” The answer has dozens of interwoven variables, rendering this a
    “wicked problem” (a technical term). Questions about carrying capacity must at
    least ask “How many people, at what average level of consumption, with what
    attitude towards Nature,” and the more serious systems thinkers need to add “and
    further allowing for [insert a couple of dozen additional variables here].” The human
    problem, the problématique humaine, as the Club of Rome termed it, is tangled
    beyond any hope of definitive answers, and perhaps beyond hope of solution. But if
    we don’t try, we can be certain that the world itself will eventually tell us what our
    limits were. This fairly short work will attempt to identify a couple of dozen
    variables, threads, or dimensions to this tangle, as embedded within the greater
    ecosystem. 137 pages. (Revised 3-13-20) 115-page PDF Version
Notes for the Next Constitution (or maybe the one after that)

    Nations pass, and others take their place. It happens frequently, maybe once a year.
    These ideas are for them. Some are new, some have been proposed as amendments,
    and many have been borrowed from new constitutions around the world. Two
    omissions were corrected in 2018. Search terms: stare decisis and bigotry.
    183 pages. (Revised 3-15-20) 168-page PDF Version
Resource Links and Lexicon for Ecovillage
and Intentional Community Design

   109 pages of links to all aspects of environmental design, with enough information
   and connecting links to build your own village from scratch. (Revised, 4-9-20)

    Human-alien hybrids explain their invasion of Earth, but not from a human
    perspective. Not a novel, but still science fiction. I had a large number of thoughts
    that required a vehicle outside of the human kayfabe, the folie à plusieurs. I didn't
    want to write another Unabomber Manifesto and get called a sociopath, but it had
    to be morally challenging. 241 pages. (Revised 3-16-20) 149-page PDF Version

Assorted Quotations 
    A largish grab bag of favorites, in no particular order.
    383 pages. (Revised 4-9-20)

Yijing Studies (Yixue ??)
The Book of Changes: Yijing (I Ching) - Word By Word
    Volumes One + Two. Now an unsecured, printable PDF. 1100 pages.
    Table of Contents. PDF. 2 pages.
Yijing Hexagram Names and Core Meanings
    ???????  Yìjing guàmíng hé zhongyì
    134 pages. (Revised 1-12)
Yixue Bibliography
    An ongoing, collaborative project.
    177 pages. (Rev. 8-24-18)  
Yijing Links
   6 pages. (Revised 8-18)

Other Chinese Studies
Lao Zi - Dao De Jing (Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching) ?? - ???
    Now an unsecured, printable PDF. 270 pages.
A Comparison Chart of Chinese Laozi Texts
    [Go to: Dao Is Open, use back button to return to Hermetica.info]
The Other Original Dao: The Path, before Kongzi and Laozi Paved It
    ?? 27 pages. (Revised 8-12)
Laozi, Zhuangzi and Daoist Links (Revised 8-18)
A Zhuang Zi Bibliography (Zhuangzi, Chuang Tzu) (Revised 4-15)
A Huainanzi Bibliography (Huai-nan Tzu) (Revised 4-15

Buddhist Studies
Craving and Aversion as Addiction and Denial:
Buddha's Eightfold Path as a Step Program

   277 pages. (2013, Revised 3-8-20) 243-page PDF Version
An Outline of the Buddha’s Teachings and
Glossary of Buddhism’s Basic Concepts

    58 pages. (Revised 5-13) Included in the PDF above
A Bibliography of Buddhism (and Recovery) (Revised 5-13)
Buddhist Study Links (with Addiction and Recovery Resources) (Revised 8-18)

Psychology’s Primitive Tongues: A Thesaurus of Occult Linguistics.
    The Development of Correlative Thought, Vocabulary and Grammar in Western
    Esotericism (the Western Mystery Tradition). Anyone who knows my work knows 
    that I’m not a “true believer” in the subjects below, but rather, a skeptic who still
    sees value in these studies. Sometimes this value is nothing more than a glimpse
    into the human mind by way of its projections onto the universe, clues about who
    we are found in what we wish to see; and sometimes, as with systems of divination,
    they serve as counseling languages for coping with change and anxieties about
    moving forward in time. These alone validate this study, regardless of any
    metaphysical truths or self-deceptions.
Tarot as a Counseling Language: Core Meanings of the Cards
    295 pages (Revised 3-4-20) 359 page PDF Version
The Symbols of Western Astrology - A Primer
   28 pages (1988, Revised 12-19) Included in the PDF above

Supplement to Tarot as a Counseling Language - from Yijing Studies
35 pages of  excerpts, pdf (2009-2011)
Psychology's Primitive Tongues - Bibliography 51 pages. (Revised 12-16)
Psychology's Primitive Tongues - Study Links 72 pages. (Revised 8-18)
    Study Links Outline PDF. 2 Pages. (Revised 8-18)
A Simplified Rearrangement of the International Phonetic Alphabet 
    With helper links. 2 pages. (2009, Revised 4-20)

Environmental Design (and a pinch of social engineering)
Resource Links and Lexicon for Ecovillage and
Intentional Community Design

    Links to all aspects of “green” planning and design.
    107 pages. (Revised 11-1-19)
Site-Built Affordable Housing - A Primer
    68 pages. (Revised 3-18-20) 66-page PDF Version
Local Regulatory Obstacles to Affordable and Green Construction
   9 pages. (Revised 3-18-20) Included in PDF above as Appendix Three
An Oncological Model of Government Growth
    24 pages. (Revised 3-08)
Designing Sustainable Communities:
Thoughts on a Much-Abused Subject

    This was going to be a book some day, companion to the Resource Links and
    Lexicon above. For now it's just an incomplete grab bag of general design ideas
    and principles, just food for thought. 22 pages, (Revised 2-08)

Personal Stuff
Haiku and Bumper Stickers 2 pages. (Revised 12-16)
Coming to Terms with Asperger's Syndrome: The Alien Point of View
    44 pages. (Revised 7-17)
Design Portfolio PDF. Some of my residential and commercial designs.
Design Poster PDF. Some of my favorite houses on one page
Pre-retirement (2008) resumé

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